What to do if you find anything

It’s vital you see a GP as soon as you can. Do not put off making an appointment in the hope that your signs and symptoms will go away. Remember, early detection of testicular cancer is far more treatable than waiting months in the hope that it will go away naturally.

You can request a male GP if that would make you feel more comfortable. Remember, doctors are trained to examine all body parts regardless of gender. You may be embarrassed BUT please bear in mind Embarrassment Can’t KillTesticularCancerCAN. Every one of the guys we know who has had to undergo this examination, felt embarrassed but were obviously pleased they got over that and after many check-ups don’t even think about it now.

The GP will usually :-

  • Ask you some questions for example have you had an injury and what do you think has changed
  • Look at and feel your testicles – This will not hurt any more than when you examine yourself.
  • May shine a light through your scrotum (bag that contains testicles) to see if there is a build-up of fluid.
  • You may be sent to have ultrasound scan. This is a painless procedure and is an accurate way of diagnosing testicular cancer.
  • If you are suspected of having testicular cancer, you will be referred to the hospital for the next stages of treatment.

Lastly if you think your GP is not taking your concerns seriously and tells you there is nothing wrong and you think there is,then persist even asking for a second opinion.