How to check yourself

How To Check Yourself

The best thing you can do is check your testicles once a month.  We suggest the first of every month and you can sign up to receive a monthly reminder [here].

After you have had a bath or a shower is the best time as the testicles drop slightly and the skin is looser.

Take both testicles in the palm of your hand and feel the weight of them, do they both feel about the same? They will not be exactly the same weight or size and that is why you need to get used to what is normal for you.

Look at the size and the shape, are there any changes from last month?

Check what the skin looks like, are there any new marks, dimpling or rashes?

Next you need to check each testicle individually, feeling all around each of them NOT just up and down the middle.  Roll each one between your finger and thumb and feel for lumps and bumps. Make sure you also check at the back of the sac as this is where the blood vessels are and needs to be checked too.


Typical symptoms are:

  • A lump
  • An aching or dragging sensation
  • A pain (such as the sort when you get if you get hit by a football etc in that area)
  • Back ache

You will not get all of these symptoms.

Remember, if you check monthly you will soon know what is normal for you, and will be better at detecting any changes in your body.

If you find anything you are worried about DON’T ignore it, go to see your GP as soon as possible. Early diagnosis means:

  1. Better chance of successful treatment.
  2. Quicker and more straightforward treatment.


A video explaining how to check yourself can be found[Here (]