what do
we do?

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is the only charity in the UK dedicated to supporting women whose economic resources (money, housing, utilities, transport, food, clothes etc.) have been controlled, exploited or sabotaged by a current/ex-partner. We do this through:

  • Providing expert advice to specialist women’s groups and financial/legal/political institutions;
  • Building the capacity of existing services to respond effectively;
  • Advocating for and supporting new approaches to economic abuse;
  • Ensuring that the UK response to economic abuse is coordinated; and
  • Managing an international network of practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.

Our website is currently undergoing a redesign. In the meantime please contact survivingeconomicabuse@gmail.com for more information about what economic abuse is and the forms it takes and how to get support. Please do also get in touch if you would like to learn more about what we are doing to address economic abuse, how you can support our work and to join our international network.

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"One time he withdrew £70 from my bank account and ripped it up in my face. I tried to pick it up but he pinned me down on the floor and shoved it all in my mouth and tried to make me eat it."
"He would stop me going to work; he would lock the doors … I had to quit my job because he was stalking me and harassing me at work – ten to twenty times a day he’d phone."